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Definition Eventrations.

Eventrations is a protrusion of the abdominal viscera subcutaneously through a solution of continuity in all or part of a scar laparotomy, being contained in a visceral sac formed by the peritoneum parieta. Also called incisional hernia. May appear after months or years after surgery and tend to increase in size gradually.

Questions and answers eventrations

How do eventrations occur?

The factors that influence their occurrence depends on the patient about obesity, advanced age, chronic bronchial disease, violent efforts, malnutrition, diabetes, chronic alcoholism and factors considered dependent operation: Laparotomy longitudinal increase tension on the suture, drains to through the wound, wound infection, hemostatic sutures insufficient or improperly performed, or deficiency in the suture material.

How do you diagnose an eventrations ?

See a bulge in the scar area, which increases with coughing and effort. Can be reduced at bedtime or with pressure maneuvers, but often long-standing irreducible. Originate abdominal discomfort or pain and unsightly derivatives.

How are eventrations treated?

The best treatment is surgery to avoid complications such as strangulation. Surgery may be the conventional (open) and witnessing the modern use and development of the laparoscopic approach for better functional and aesthetic results


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